The stream is excellent. I often find myself feeling as if I’m really in class about to talk to the person beside me and realize that I’m actually in the comfort of my own home. I really appreciate the flexibility Carleton provides their students. Thivaharan

Its a great service, I would not be able to complete my degree if it was not for VOD. Amal

The streaming is really good. I’m living in the residence and even the bandwith is strong enough to stream an entire lecture with no lagging or loading problem. Mohamed

I’m pretty impressed and this is the third semester that I’ve had a video lecture because of the convenience and time saved. Adam

I was pleased by the quality of the VOD lectures. The video stream was smooth and did not cut out any parts of the lecture. I liked the VOD service, and noticed the nice balance between the different camera views. It was helpful to see the professor when she was explaining difficult or elaborate concepts, and helpful to have the cameraflip back to the slides. Nadin

Awesome! Fast. No complaints, loved it! Alexander

The Video On Demand option for Carleton is very impressive, they video’s are put up very quickly and they are clear, and easy to access. I think this is a beneficial addition to our school. Kate

The VOD service is very practical and because streaming as well as downloading is not a hassle, it makes learning more fun. Also, due to the fact that I can access these lectures anytime is very helpful as well. MacAndrew

Extremely pleased. If I ever have the choice again to use VOD, I definitely will. I like the freedom of being able to watch the lecture when most convenient for me. It is nice when the professor invites any VOD students in the area to come to the live lecture. I like to download the lectures and save them in a file on my computer to watch freely without internet. I like to have the freedom of watching the lecture anytime, anywhere without needing internet. Markie

Always works, have been streaming videos since first year and much prefer it. A Great Service! Keep it up! Esther

The streaming option is set up pretty user friendly, I like it. Mohamad

It’s great, just as if I was watching TV. The download is relatively speedy. However I find I don’t really need to watch the downloaded lectures since I stream them, but it’s still great to have! David

very good quality. I enjoy it and will be taking more COL courses in the summer. Kristine

Overall very good, better than other videos on the internet. Rashed

I love it. Tracy

I live in an area where dial up is still used, I store them and watch them when I want. Marc

it’s been good to me. Mehdi

Perfect Camellia

great video stream, high quality and real easy to watch. Taylor

AMAZING! I am so happy Carleton offers this. It has helped me where I am today in terms of my education.                   Edenilson

Great advancement as an educational tool.                   Mitchell

I feel that I have the ability to review again and again the issues that I feel resonate with me even after class is over. I appreciate this service on days and for people that find it inconvenient or impossible to make it to class. A perfect tool …                  Sean

i really enjoy the VOD service, it allows me to fit in school between work and life. I wish more classes were offered in VOD. VOD gives you the ability to watch lectures as many times as needed (to grasp concepts), and is a great and convenient way of (learning)                  Evelyn

I love it!  I am constantly amazed that Carleton U has this great service. The other Universities are still in the dark ages!  Thank you CU for making it possible for me and others to achieve degrees as mature students balancing work, home and studies!                    Stephanie

It’s amazing, it allows you to focus more on the actual lecture in the comfort of your own home rather than in class where it is easy to lose concentration.                   Caitlin

I love it!!! Great way to learn!                  Patricia

great for me..couldn’t have got my degree without it                  Gary

VOD has certainly made being able to take courses while working full time a possible venture for me to pursue.  I am in the fire service and therefore do not have a regular schedule, VOD has afforded me the ability to continue my education…                  Anthony

Very helpful and has shown an increase in marks as opposed to non vod.   Julia

GREAT service!!! This service puts Carleton leaps & bounds ahead of other Universities, as you are able to go to school whenever it suits your schedule. I would not be able to continue my studies part time without this service. Thanks!                  Samantha

It’s a much improved way to take courses – provides an extremely useful reference if any of your notes are unclear, and allows you to pause and back up if the note taking is particularly dense at any given time.  Very useful.                     Kevin

It’s a fantastic way of learning for people with certain learning style.  Di

“This is an amazing service. It allows me to work the hours I need to and being able to pause makes my notes far better.  I love watching lectures in my pjs. ”                  Ian

Very clear and awesome for students in another province! this makes me really glad i chose carleton as my university.                  Anton

“Great for remote, on-demand, timely usage! Wish all lectures could be available with this type of viewing option (esp. when weather conditions are poor, and can’t make it to class, etc. !!).  Well done; 21st century technology applied to education!”                  Stephen

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!  More Classes like this please. Love the way the powerpoint is put up, the audio.  It’s like being right there in class, dare I say maybe even better in some regards.  More classes like this please for all of us trying to balance.  LOVE THIS SERVICE.  I’m a mother of two and have a hard time balancing everything with home and work.  This service permits me the flexibility I need to be successful and I don’t feel like I’ve missed anything.  I wish all classes had this service.                  Tracey

Very good audio and video quality, excellent service for distance learning!                  Graeme

I have 2 lectures which are online this semester and have really enjoyed them. I would deffinitely consider taking more online courses in the future.                   Julie

I LOVE YOU VOD and I hope you never stop.  If there are any more classes that I can take like this in the fall or even in the summer I WILL.  I recommend this feature for anyone who has to work during their studies, has to travel far to get to school…                  Jakub

Great service for those of us who are part-time due to hectic work schedules: one of the main reasons I chose Carleton!                  Joelle

I liked the editting style which was featured in VOD, such as a dual screen for the professor and the presentation powerpoint. It made the experience easy to interpret/comprehend.                  Brandon

Makes life easier because I work full-time and find it hard to get to campus multiple times a week for the actual lecture. Also, it helps with studying because I’m able to refer back to lectures when studying. Jaime

I enjoy VOD services, it makes it much easier to get all the information from a lecture, at the same time giving the feeling like I am in the room.                   Kaleigh

It is EXTREMELY helpful when studying for exams, and also for taking courses in general because you can pause when you lose focus and play (it) back                  Vincent

I work full time therefore this enables me to continue my studies while supporting my family.  Kimberley