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College Students

Are you thinking about transferring from college to university?

Have you been enrolled in a university transfer program?

Hoping to attend university after completing your college studies?

Do you feel that you can take on a greater challenge than that you have experienced in college?

Jumping from college to university isn’t always such an easy feat, but Carleton University OnLine is here to help ease the transition. Universities and colleges are becoming evermore connected and gaining skills from both can offer a rich educational experience. Integrating the practical skills taught in college with the theoretical skills of university is very important in today’s economy and CUOL enables you to achieve this at your own pace, on your own time, and anywhere you’d like.

Carleton University OnLine is a cost-effective and flexible program that allows college students to transfer from college to university, allowing college credits to be used towards a university degree, as well as allowing you to apply your CUOL credits toward your college electives. If you are looking to differentiate yourself from the rest in the workforce CUOL can work to your advantage, helping to earn a credible education as fast as you need.

Remember, our slogan is “anything but distant” and we strive to make your online education as personalized as we possibly can. CUOL is a platform that allows students to virtually enter a Carleton classroom from anywhere in the world, we are more than just a textbook and exam. We put you inside the classroom with sneak peaks at the professor’s notes during class and an ability to engage in class discussion. As a CUOL student you have access to all of the resources that are made available to our on-campus students. Your success is important to us and Carleton will go to any length to make sure your education is everything you thought it would be and more.