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What is CUOL?

CUOL is the new CUTV. Formerly known as Carleton University Television, Carleton’s distance education platform has recently gone through a major remodeling in order to offer a learning experience that is anything but distant. For over 30 years, Carleton University has made use of innovative technologies to deliver post-secondary educational opportunities to students all over the world. Today, Carleton University OnLine (CUOL) provides a wide variety of formats that enable students to learn in ways that suit not only their learning styles—but also their lifestyles. Using a comprehensive range of tools and applications, CUOL offers a range of study options that make a lot of sense for today’s highly mobile and technologically savvy students who require both flexibility and convenience in their academic schedules.

At Carleton University, it does not matter whether you are in our classrooms or online, we deliver the same accredited education to every single one of our students. With over 5,000 enrollments in online classes per year, we have the experience and expertise to deliver education via the worldwide web. With rising operational costs, universities will turn to the virtual world to deliver their education. Carleton currently leads the way with state of the art facilities and equipment to guarantee the most unique and effective online education in Canada. As an industry leader Carleton’s Educational Technology faculty continue to research, write documentation, and perform workshops in order to master the innovative tools that enhance teaching and learning online.

CUOL is not just a textbook and an exam, students have access to a full in-classroom lecture experience from anywhere in the world. Our goal is to provide a flexible and alternative way to access Carleton University’s most popular university credit courses. So whether it is to start a degree, finish a degree, or take classes for leisure, CUOL can accommodate all of your needs.